Yale University, New Haven, CT
B.A., Political Science & Education Studies, Class of 2021, GPA: 3.93

  • SAT: 2340 (math: 800, writing: 800, reading: 740). SAT Subject Tests: Math II: 800; Literature: 760

  • Key coursework: data analysis (SPSS, Python) and law (constitutional, educational, bioethical)

Professional experience

Ascend Public Charter Schools, Brooklyn, NY
Curriculum & Instruction Intern, June–Aug 2019

  • Advanced an active organizational transition from a “no excuses,” rote learning environment to an educational model grounded in inquiry-based pedagogy and student agency

  • Developed extensive K–12 curriculum spanning social sciences, humanities and STEM disciplines, reaching 5500 students across 15 schools; crafted 300+ pages of lesson plans, assignments and assessments aligned with Common Core standards and liberal arts goals, fostering students’ critical thought, cogent communication, advocacy and empathy

Progressive Policy Institute, Washington, DC
Education Policy Intern, May–Aug 2018

  • Analyzed allocation of Indiana education resources; recommended that the legislature increase charter school grant funding to parity with grants for neighborhood schools, strengthening student learning and educational innovation

  • Examined admission process biases in NYC K-12 public schools; proposed that the NYC Department of Education adopt a district-wide common enrollment system to reduce racial and socioeconomic inequities

Yale University Department of Mathematics, New Haven, CT
Teacher Professional Development Aide & Undergraduate Learning Assistant, Aug 2018–present

  • Advise Yale’s Director of Graduate Studies in Mathematics to help prepare incoming Yale mathematics instructors

  • Lead 90-minute weekly calculus problem-solving sessions, often attended by 30-40 students; provide tailored feedback and group students for collaboration based on real-time pulse checks of progress and understanding

iTech21, Coconut Creek, FL
Presenter, June 2014–June 2017

  • Designed and led 14 sessions at an education-technology K-12 professional development conference


Yale College Dean’s Office Committees: Majors & Residential College Teaching, New Haven, CT
Member, 2018–present

  • Oversee academic majors at Yale College on a team of 9 faculty and 3 students

  • Advise the Dean of Yale College on whether to offer minors at Yale College

  • Advise the Directors of Undergraduate Studies on modifying majors to better serve the needs, issues and goals of the Yale undergraduate curriculum

  • Oversaw seminars sponsored by Yale’s 14 residential colleges on a team of 6 faculty and 2 students

Jonathan Edwards College Seminar Committee, New Haven, CT
Coordinator, Dec 2018–present

  • Recruit and lead a team of 9 students to evaluate proposals for residential college seminars, interview candidate instructors and determine which proposals Jonathan Edwards College will sponsor


Improv: Each weekend, I lead improvisational theater workshops for youth in the New Haven community

Typography and printing: Late at night, you’ll often find me crafting books and broadsides on a mid-1800s printing press

Teaching K–12: My favorite course that I designed and teach focuses on student motivation and evaluation of learning